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Recommended for Sonnenschein/Dryfit (German) and Deka Gel-Tech (US)
 and excellent with AGM battery types

Temp Comp - 3 step chargers. 

External Temperature compensation and Polarity protection with Selector switch for battery type.
 Microprocessor controlled fully automatic Battery Charger is for all
 sealed valve regulated, gelled, AGM & liquid lead acid batteries.
( Battery Type selector switch for proper charge format for specific battery technologies.) 
and available DC Voltage ranges of 6 to 48 volts with outputs from
5 - 30 Amps .

Solid state LED charging status lights. 
Can Recharge over-discharged batteries from as low as 400 millivolts
and can be left connected continuously with no overcharging.
 Features  include: Patented proportional
timing for extended battery cycle life,  Auto override timer that safely shuts down defective batteries &
 alerts the  user -

International voltages and also available  in 50 or 60Hz

Interacter ICS 12 Volt 25 Amp

ICS 12V 25A ( General continuous Duty - $289.00 US each

ICS 24v 25A ( General continous duty.) - $340.00 US each

ICS 48v 20A  (General and BowThrusters) - $389.00 US each

Pro PS12v 10A (general purpose unit) $158.00 ( also in 12V 10A 50/60 Hz 110/220V -$178.00 ) 

Pro PS 24v8A (medical and general purpose) $173.00

Dated 7th June 2007 but All Prices are subject to change - e'mail for current quote;


Alligator clips are generally standard or Bare Wire cables ends,
 you may also specify these (optional) Medical and Special Plugs;

bulletMed 2O - Two pin Ortho 
bulletMed 4E - Four pin E & J
bulletMed 4I - Four pin Invacare
bulletMed Clip - Medical Clips
bulletMed SB-50 - SB-50 Connector
bulletMed XLR - XLR Connector


General Battery product and charging information.

A common and elegant feature of the Sonnenschein/dryfit and Deka Gel-Tech is the use of dual acids in the electrolyte. These work in opposition. As Sulphuric acid migrates into the plates during discharge  phosphoric acid migrates out to the gelled electrolyte, hence the electrolyte remains conductive at all states of charge. Not only does this retard sulphation, it is the key to fast recharging and of course removes the need for a hydrometer check of the specific gravity of the acid. They are the only manufacturers to use that patented process.

Sonnenschein/dryfit and Deka Gel-Tech are sealed using pressure sensitive valves, (hence the name- Sealed Valve Regulated - SVR- batteries). They work on a gas-recombination principle. During charging the normal hydrogen produced on the negative plate recombines with the normal Oxygen from the positive plate to produce water which is absorbed by the highly absorbent Gel or the plate separators. As these products use calcium type plates, which are by design  a low-gas producer, efficiency of the internal gas recombination in normal use is almost 100% and very safe. 

Specific charging.

Since Sonnenschein/dryfit and Deka Gel-Tech are designed for high current operation, there is no need for current limiting during charging. However note that charging voltage differ due to acid Ph and metallurgy  between the various battery series!
(e.g. The A200 flat plate series is not recharged like a A600 tubular plate!)

Sonnenschein/Dryfit (German) and Deka Gel-Tech (US)

Charging.Sonnenschein/Dryfit (German) A200 product is correctly charged (@ 2.4v/cell)14.4v/ and float voltage is (2.3v/cell)13.8v) @ 20C to 30C.  US (Deka Gel-tech) is correctly charged at (2.35v/cell)14.1v with (2.3v/cell) 13.8v float @ (68F) 20C.
For lower and higher temperatures, from (minus) -22F up to (plus) +120F, charge voltages should be adjusted according to the graph supplied with each battery.
(A 500.)

Sonnenschein dryfit & Gel-tech batteries are extremely efficient when recharging. Because of this high efficiency, it takes less time to recharge. By design - dryfit Gel technology is self limiting on current!
Initial charge acceptance is very high ( Approx; 4xC20, or 320 Amps for an 80A dryfit)   and then settles to the normal  recharge rate of approx; x C20 or 40A for an 80A dryfit.  Note that constant voltage is the preferred recharge method! Three step-temperature compensated charging is now widespread and commonly available, and uses a combination of constant voltage and constant current to minimise recharge time.This method is superb IF the charger unit is set for dryfit and  Gel-Tech batteries at the factory, or has the facility to be programmed by the careful user.Alternators, (or  rotary charging devices) benefit greatly from 3 step temperature compensated charging and have the added attraction of distancing the regulator from the intense heat and vibration of the alternator. We have been applauding and endorsing the use of these devices since 1988. On Cruising vessel's, with a rotary charger as the main charging device,3 step regulation will save a tremendous amount of fuel and engine wear and tear, while acheiving a
fast full charge. We have a complete range of three step regulators and High return alternators.

Please Note. We only recommend that the Sonnenschein™ dryfit or Deka™ Gel-Tech Cells batteries not be charged in a sealed container or environment. In normal usage these Manufacturers sealed, gelled Lead Acid batteries have no need to for special ventilation precautions. Ensuring that the air surrounding the battery bank e.g. via air slots (or Limber Holes) is in contact with the outside air, is sufficient. This opinion applies solely to Sonnenschein dryfit (gassing. pdf ) and Deka Gel-Tech.

Gassing data are NOT available for Keystone™,Exide™, Dynasty, Trojan or any other Gelled electrolyte brand and no opinion is offered.For the purpose of this ventilation discussion they are treated as wet or open vented batteries. .

For lower and higher ambient temperatures, from (minus) -22F up to (plus) +120F, charge voltages should be adjusted according to the graph supplied with each battery.This is the key to full performance and life. We use these data for avalanche sensors in sub-zero mountain-sides to desert solar applications with triple digit temperatures to  achieve full cycle life and performance.

Now, that is not too tough is it? Some Alternator/Charger folks make it seem like a very complex subject. It is not. Use properly designed and regulated equipment  and size it properly for the job.

General. Charging devices.

High return alternators or other chargers  with three-step regulation and temperature compensation are widely available.They maximise fast charging and minimise fuel consumption without the headaches of constant monitoring. Note that with three-step charging, the combination of constant current and constant voltage are used quite safely in 1/Bulk charge-2/Absorbtion charge, then 3/float or finish. We fully endorse their use.They have stood the test of time, and are now used by most of the Charger/Inverter manufacturers.  3 step charger's  use the excellent IUI characteristic in order to achieve minimum recharge time. We have worked closely with Heart, Trace, Newmar, AmplePower  and the other major players since 1988 to provide competent technical support for their recharging products and their charging data are factory approved.

(Note. Generally we avoid the using Constavolt units as chargers in marine applications. They are Power supplies, not true battery chargers. NEVER use constant current chargers on any sealed battery !)

Tips and hints.

For maximum longevity, allow the batteries to 'rest' (neither charging nor discharging) for a short while after charging. Wet or flooded cells benefit most from this. For more complex charging data - e'mail your fax # to us! We are here to help! (Well, most of us! There is Bruce. The Surly.) As to the  FAQ of product longevity, there are far too many variables from heat, cold, vibration, cabling, Charging regimen, undersized banks, Loose cables, Undersized cables, cheap cables (!), corrosion,  AC ripple from the charging device etc etc for anyone to even make a reasonable guess as to why a battery will last 11 years in one RV Coach or Cruising Vessel and five or less in another!

Empirically, dryfit / Deka Gel-Tech will outcycle the AGM's by approx 15-20% in our experience. (Yes We sell and service both of these excellent technologies to Airboats, Oil platforms and Cruise Liners). Enough said!


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